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  • "Medicine is not only our career, it is our life. It can be rewarding, taxing, gratifying and heart breaking." width:174;;height:325
  • "it is well to superintent the sick to make them well, to care for the healthy to keep them well, and to care for ourselves..." <br /><br />Hippocrates width:179;;height:339
  • "Medicine is the most distinguished of the arts."  <br /><br />Hippocrates width:186;;height:344
  • <br /><br />"As a profession, we must work to reverse this sense of helplessness and betrayal that some of our colleagues experience." width:183;;height:313
  • "Care sat on their faded cheeks, but under brows of dauntless courage."  <br /><br />Milton width:167;;height:402
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